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"Understanding the 'business art' of the Internet and of website development is truly a value-added and powerful approach for boosting exposure for your company or organisation. We all know the importance of this new interactive and dynamic medium; we all know that we must now use it to full advantage. At very least, to offer your Cyprus based company real presence and the required substance. Investment Gateway helps you achieve this is the fastest, most efficient and most competitive manner."
- Investment Gateway

After registering a company or entity in Cyprus, Investment Gateway can provide it with pure substance, at a basic web level or with a full comprehensive solution with greater online presence and exposure, optimal functionality and aiding real market expansion and growth.

Investment Gateway offers full website customisation to suit each purpose. Whether a business, organisation or personal, Investment Gateway can develop the most appropriate & practical web design to suit requirements. Investment Gateway produces an entire website, completing everything start -to-finish, and with or without client content and/or guidance. Each and every project is approached with complete commitment and dedication to professional service and support. Meanwhile there is full after-sale support and updates, either via associates or directly with Investment Gateway. Web design and development includes access to over 22,000 website structures from the world's largest web designer, tailor-made to suite the client's specific requirements and offer a complete, creative, efficient and professional solution. Together with full website design, development & digital communications, including, content research & writing, search engine optimisation, paid digital marketing, customised CMS solution, and website hosting.

Website technical: design and development, including coding/programming, site functionalities, databases and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Content: creative concepts and strategies, in depth industry research, website copy copywriting (technical writing), translation into multiple languages (such as Greek, French, Russian, among other), photos, graphics and artwork, Internet marketing, Internet PR and Search Engine Optimisation.

Types of Websites for your company in Cyprus

A new website is essential for a company or IBC registered in Cyprus. It brings substance to the company, therefore meeting legal compliance requirements, whilst also supporting expansion and achieving better market potential. Website development at Investment Gateway comes in three tiers, including basic, combined and custom complete – all are professionally-made websites to suit client's requirements.

Basic: A simple 3-4 page web design structure, including homepage, about us, contact page and one other, i.e. services, products, portfolio or the like. This website has its own unique and attractive design layout, company logo (either supplied by client or constructed), colours, photos/images and basic content, such as introduction in homepage, main titles and headings, brief description about the company, products/services, and contact details (highly recommended to have the Cyprus office contact details for legal compliance requirements). This website options has limited content, therefore limited Internet Marketing and SEO attributes. However, it is still visible online with its own unique domain name, some content, web key words and titles, and submissions to leading search engines. Thus, the website still represents the company's primary interests. A basic website is an ideal option for companies or organisations registered in Cyprus with minimal activity. It offers substance and some online presence.
Price: 500 – 1,000 euro

Combined: More advanced than the basic web option. Web design structure is virtually the same, although with 4-6 standard pages, therefore more options for content and company presentation. This option also offers more comprehensive copywriting (website content), partly provided by the client and then proofed, expanded and written by Investment Gateway's technical writing team. Content includes introduction in homepage, main titles and headings, more detailed description of the company, products/services, contact form, any other required pages, images and links. In providing more content, SEO is boosted, together with a certain amount of Internet marketing strategies, such as link exchanges, social networking sites, key words, titles and phrases, among other techniques. Some back-end technology and functionality can also be incorporated within this option, as per the client's request, such as basic content management solution (CMS), news, blogs, RSS and XML feeds, search functions, galleries and some flash elements, among other. This option is ideal for newly registered companies in Cyprus that also want to expand and begin targeting new markets, such as in Cyprus, the EU, Europe and especially international English-speaking markets. This option is also ideal for companies that do not already have a suitable website and/or would like to upgrade.
Price: 1,000 – 2,000 euro

Custom complete: Full comprehensive web design and development solution, completely customised as per client's requirements. This option is ideal for companies registered in Cyprus and aiming for not only stronger substance and compliance, but also greater expansion and growth, especially targeting international English-speaking markets. Custom complete corporate websites include design structure, professional content (part provided by client or totally researched and written by Investment Gateway's technical writing team), web technology and functionalities, as well as extensive SEO techniques and Internet marketing. Following an initial briefing (and brainstorming with the client and/or associate), Investment Gateway conducts thorough research on your industry and targets. Investment Gateway then takes full creative charge and produces a website concept in line with your requirements. What is important to highlight in this package is that "Content is King". In other words, it is the website's textual content that truly boosts SEO and web presence – titles, text, images, etc. Indeed, optimised and quality website content drives online business success, by accurately positioning your message and informing your audience, properly marketing and selling your purpose, as well as for perfect Internet marketing, i.e. better matching web content with page keywords, titles, meta-phrases & relevant reciprocal links. This is what truly boosts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & ranking. This website option is an ideal support tool to an international business company in Cyprus.
Price: 2,000 euro, then based on hours spent and web project complexity

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