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How the Gateway process works

Professional Services:

Introducing you to local contacts for professional services in Cyprus and other international jurisdictions, with highly personalised and ad-hoc solutions aims to be an initial point-of-contact, primarily when seeking to incorporate a company in Cyprus, as well as any subsequent professional business services:
  • A trusted and reliable source with added-value industry information to help make the right decisions, sourced from recognised and credible institutions, and
  • An initial point-of-contact, where all ground work research on associate service providers based in the Cyprus market has already been conducted.

Once introduced, associates will guide clients directly with whatever professional services are required, such as registering a company in Cyprus, opening a bank account, taxation planning, and other related professional services.

Obtain initial guidance or indication to price for professional services. Complete the quick-and-easy Investment Gateway company formation quotation form.

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The Investment Gateway process:

Investment Gateway Service

In addition to added-value content, with sector news, interviews, reviews from market and industry experts, related documents and analytics (statistics and data), Investment Gateway introduces applicants to leading accounting and company formation agents in Cyprus. This no charge, no obligation introduction service is a simple two-step procedure:
  • Step one: Online quote via Investment Gateway
    Complete Investment Gateway's brief online quotation form in order to qualify what professional services are required. This offers a general idea of what is needed, but of course the more detail you provide the more we can understand your request. Investment Gateway searches through its established database of pre-qualified affiliated agents in Cyprus and filters the most suitable for your specific requirements. For instance, some might simply not be appropriate, whilst others clearly more suitable, based on specific services provides, geographical reach, languages spoken, specialisation, etc.
  • Step two: Introduction to associate service provider
    Associate expert consultants can be sourced to look over your request. They can provide prompt responses with initial (no obligation) advice, further clarifications and/or directly an indication to costs.

No charge, no obligation
Only information, only introduction

Service Note: Investment Gateway monitors the professional services and tax sector, as well as macro economic conditions and the general business environment in Cyprus. In turn, the platform is regularly updated with added-value content, including news, interviews, reviews from market and industry experts, documents and analytics. Important newsletters are also distributed to subscribers. In addition, Investment Gateway provides website services for companies via associates, including web design and development, full content research and writing, Internet Marketing and SEO, as well as assistance with domain names and hosting.

Primary Services Provided by Agents

Investment Gateway's associates in Cyprus will help make the entire company formation and tax solution procedure simple and easy-to-follow. They will offer clear-cut advice and direction, administer the preparation and completion of all required registration forms, as well as provide all necessary annual maintenance for your new Cyprus company. Each associate has years of experience and multiple hundreds of clients – this will be further verified once introduced. They are true experts in the company formation and taxation sector and will help you achieve your goals and more.

  • Professional consultation: Direction and advice with regards to a Cypriot International Business Company (IBC), corporate and individual taxation solutions, wealth management, international banking, investment strategies, as well as activities via other jurisdictions. All associates either have a branch office in other jurisdictions and financial centres or close affiliations.
  • Company incorporation: Company formation, including preparation of all necessary documents and submission to the Cyprus Company Register (or other relevant bodies) for approval. This includes assistance with company name selection and application, or registration of a pre-made Cyprus shelf company.
  • International bank accounts: Assistance in opening local and international bank accounts for both corporate and personal use, as well as optional maintenance, i.e. local bank signatories. Bank accounts in Cyprus can be in any and multiple currencies and must be opened with a bank listed under the qualifying banks of the Central Bank of Cyprus.
  • Company nominees: Arranging nominee services, for directors, shareholders and secretary, as well as on-going maintenance and resident nominee activities throughout the year. Nominee process also includes power of attorney and trust agreements.
  • Administrative: on-going preparation of documentation and legalities, as well as required tools for company maintenance, such as compliance, secretarial services, physical and virtual office space, official company rubber stamp, company letterheads and business cards, telecommunications, conference facilities, mail/courier forwarding services, company website and maintaining, domain names and website hosting.
  • Bookkeeping, auditing and accounting: always undertaken by certified accountants in Cyprus, preparing necessary tax documents and submission to Cypriot authorities. Annual certified tax returns are required by Cyprus law.

Process for Registering a Company

Forming a company in Cyprus is relatively quick and easy – usually takes 5-8 days; less if purchasing a shelf company. Cyprus is not a tax haven, and not considered to be an offshore jurisdiction, as all companies receive the same benefits. Cyprus' worldwide status is clearly defined as a credible financial centre, meeting EU directives and international best practice. Thus, ALL companies-to-be must meet certain due diligence. This is also absolutely necessary for when opening an international bank account in Cyprus.

Agents will always begin the company formation process at the applicant's request, however no documents will be submitted to Cypriot authorities and no documents will be provided to the applicant until due diligence has been undertaken. Once ready to proceed, the agent will brief the applicant on everything that is required for incorporation, and will of course be there to aid in each step of the way; at any time convenient to the applicant.

A Cyprus company is simple, easy to manage and effective. Here's how it all works:
  • Applicant completes the forms prepared by the agent, and sends by fax or email. These forms and documents will be provided by the associate upon your request for a quotation via Investment Gateway. Assistance can be provided at any stage.
  • Agent helps in obtaining approval of the proposed company name from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Applicant request preferred company name together with two alternatives.
  • Agent will invoice the applicant as per required services.
  • Applicant pays invoice directly to the agent.
  • Once approval for the company name is obtained, agent proceeds to incorporate the Cyprus company for the client by submitting the memorandum and the articles of association to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.
  • Agent registers the company to Cyprus TAX authorities for a tax number, as well as EU VAT registration.
  • Client sends all required original documents to the agent in Cyprus.
  • Final company documents are prepared and sent to the client, issued in English and/or Greek.
  • Once the company is formed, agent will assist with application to open an international bank account from Cyprus.
  • Company maintenance: every company in Cyprus must prepare financial statements as per International Financial Reporting Standards, whilst very parent company that has one or more subsidiaries, other than a company which is itself a wholly owned subsidiary, should present consolidated financial statements. A Cyprus company must complete certified annual returns within 42 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting and must file immediately with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, together with a copy of the annual return, signed by a director and the company secretary. The annual return filed with the registrar must be accompanied by the full set of financial statements.
Due Diligence: Other than the standard information and documentations required to open a new company in Cyprus (i.e. name, contact, address, references, and other – see below for more detail), the applicant will be required to meet certain due diligence, namely:
  a.  Provide a detailed description of the proposed activities of the company, and
  b.  Clarify which countries business will be carried out

Of course once at this stage, the Investment Gateway associate will be able to offer exact detail with what due diligence will be needed in each particular case.

Necessary Documentation in Forming a Company in Cyprus

Below is an indication of the standard documents required in order to form a company in Cyprus. These documents are required for the beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and secretaries of the company to be formed. If other jurisdictions are involved in the service to be provided, other paperwork might be requested.
  • Signed company formation instruction form provided by the agent
  • Photocopy of Passport(s) or corporate legal entity documents if the beneficiary owner is another entity of all beneficial owners
  • Bank reference for each beneficiary (bank reference forms are provided by the agent) – reference must be issued by a bank included on the list of qualifying banks of the Central Bank of Cyprus. Click here
    Banks Listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange
    • Bank of Cyprus Public Co Ltd
    • Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd
    • Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd
    • USB Bank PLC
    Subsidiaries of foreign banks in Cyprus
    • Αlpha Bank Cyprus Ltd
    • BNP Paribas Cyprus Ltd
    • Emporiki Bank – Cyprus Ltd
    • National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd
    • Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus) Ltd
    • Societe Generale Bank-Cyprus Ltd
    • Bank of Pireaus (Cyprus) Ltd
    • Eurobank EFG Cyprus Ltd
    Other Banks Cypriot banks
    • Cooperative Central Bank Ltd
    • Cyprus Development Bank Public Co Ltd
    • Οργανισμός Χρηματοδοτήσεως Στέγης
    • Κτηματική Τράπεζα Κύπρου Λτδ
    Branches of European Union banks
    • Barclays Bank PLC
    • Banque SBA SA
    • First Investment Bank Ltd
    • Joint Stock Company "Trasta Komercbanka"
    • Εθνική Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος Α.Ε.
    • Central Cooperative Bank PLC
    • Banca Transilvania S.A.
    • Joint Stock Company Akciju Komercbanka "Baltikums"
    • AS LTB Bank
    to see the list of banks
  • Proof of address for all persons, such as on a recent utility bill, recent bank statement or major credit card bill (ideally two proof of address documents are needed)
  • Reference from a lawyer or accountant
  • Pre-paid agent invoice
  • Capital: a minimum of €1,708.60 (CYP 1,000) is needed for a Cyprus company, although payment can be extended until after incorporation. In other words, only €1 needs to be put into the company upfront

Documents Client Receives Following Registration of a Cyprus Company

Below is a list of the standard documentation received once a Cyprus company is registered and incorporated. This might vary slightly depending on the exact type of company registered, and if other jurisdictions outside Cyprus are integrated into the solution.
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation
  • Certificate of directors and secretary and register
  • Certificate of shareholders and register
  • Certificate of registered office address in Cyprus or abroad
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of Company Charter
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Trust deeds (if applicable)
  • Minutes of first company general meeting
  • Declaration of trust and blank transfers of shares (if applicable)
  • VAT number
  • Legal copies if required

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