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Website Hosting Service

Professional Services:

"Registering a company in Cyprus is not complete without having a website. A website provides substance (and compliance), whilst also allowing you to expand and grow. Website domain names and hosting service via Investment Gateway and associates completes the professional service for your company by having ONLY ONE supplier; hence only one point-of-contact and one invoicing team."
- Investment Gateway

Domain names and website hosting via Investment Gateway
  • Hassle-free websites in Cyprus
  • Reliable and secure
  • Optional online anonymity
  • On-going support, maintenance & customer service
  • Complete solution for all sorts of companies registered in Cyprus
  • Range of domains available, including .com, .eu, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws and (because we are based in Cyprus, as will your company)

A domain name and hosting service is essential for every website. It is what gives your website an address (URL) and what puts the site 'online' on the Internet. As part of a complete web solution, Investment Gateway and associates provide registered company clients with both these services. Domain names and hosting can be purchased from Investment Gateway whether clients have existing websites or require a new website. Please note, website hosting can only be provided to actual clients who have had their website developed by our team.

Available to all professional service clients, with our without existing websites: website domain names and hosting via Investment Gateway is available to all clients requiring web design and development services with Investment Gateway, as well as to clients with existing websites, i.e. no need for design and development services. It is exactly the same price and customer service for both.

Trusted service: domain names and hosting is totally secure, reliable and competitive in price – in fact one of the lowest price in all of Cyprus and quite competitive globally. It comes with Investment-Gateway's technical service of uploading the website, as well as on-going support, maintenance and customer service.

Optional Anonymity: domain names and website hosting can be registered under any name, including the Cypriot International Business Company's detail, the company's nominee/s, or under no name and only to Investment Gateway bilk hosting service. The website will still be online and therefore comply with company formation requirements in Cyprus, yet also offer complete online anonymity.

Website Domains: all sorts of domain names can be acquired via Investment Gateway, including .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .ws, .eu and because we and your company is based in Cyprus, a (subject to name authorisation from the Cyprus domain registry at the University of Cyprus). Investment Gateway can assist you put forward the application for a domain and make the purchase under your Cypriot company name. international domain names are always cost price when purchasing from Investment Gateway and around 8 euro per year. Cyprus ( domain names are slightly more expensive.

Website Hosting: Investment gateway offers an excellent hosting package via a secure, reliable and competitive server service – hosting with Investment Gateway is one of the lowest price in all of Cyprus. When looking after your company's website, Investment Gateway takes care of all technical aspects, including uploading and maintenance. Hosting costs around 199 euro per year. Indeed, a small price to pay for a new website, with guaranteed company substance (and compliance) and immense opportunities for expansion and growth. Hosting can be registered under any name, including the Cypriot International Business Company's detail, the company's nominee/s, or under no name and only to Investment Gateway bilk hosting service.

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