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In some cases, fraudulent emails might claim to represent Investment Gateway and offer certain benefits. does not send any such emails to request information. This website's service is purely informative, and to help direct interested parties to professional corporate services via third party consultants in Cyprus and the European Union.

Be aware. Ignore such emails and do not reply.

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Investment Gateway Private Policy

Please read the following privacy policy carefully. It explains what information may be collected via and how it may be used; respecting the privacy of both the viewer and the platform and its affiliates. For more information regarding any unlawful copyright and misuse of information on the Investment Gateway website, please read the Legal Disclaimer.
If anything is unclear or for further information, verifications and/or approval, contact Investment Gateway.
Data & Information Collection does not store any personal or company data on this website, other than, and only, the sole email address provided if opted to subscribe to the newsletter. is a portal for information and point of contact to being introduced to fully certified professional associates, as per Cyprus regulation, for professional services in Cyprus, such as in company formations, taxation services, auditing, compliance, substance, nominee services, website design and development, opening a bank account, and investment consulting/advising. respects and protects the privacy rights of the viewer, partners, affiliates and any other visitors to this website. collects and uses only initial basic enquiry information, as submitted by the user, for legitimate purposes and always in strict confidence, protection and privacy. This is information is transparent and is not stored on the website.
Any form of information provided to through the website's enquiry form, or directly via email, will be used in strict confidence, security and privacy, and will not in any way be divulged to other parties, not even prospective associates, unless acknowledged and approved by the sender prior during a follow-up.
Details opted in and submitted in order to register to the newsletter are basic (e-mail only). In any case, even this is intended for internal purposes only, i.e. to send newsletters, and shall not be distributed to any third parties.
Compulsory Disclosure may, if ever applicable, be compelled to disclose a certain amount of information by local Cyprus law, such as under court orders or legal notices to produce documents under laws relating to social security, taxation, bankruptcy, anti-money laundering, counterterrorism, criminal case, and the management of incorporated entities, where required and as required by law.
It should be reiterated however, that does not at all maintain any data or other sensitive information about any client activity or interaction with associates or subsequent professional services - whether corporate or individual – on this website as such, thus it is limited to what information it can actually provide.