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How it works

Research, locate and contact
Preliminary background work takes place locally in Cyprus. In-depth research and initial introductions allow Investment Gateway to locate possible partners for investment professional services, such as legal firms, specialised company formation and maintenance associates, and accountants. Some leads also come from professional contacts. Time and effort is spent on approaching and sourcing the right associates. Although a very stringent and selective process, it is also ongoing, building the pool of associates available to clients. Today, associates can also approach Investment Gateway directly in order to pitch their services and join the growing network.
Investment Gateway uncovers leading legal & accounting associates in Cyprus
Establish professional relationship
Once a potential associate has been found, Investment Gateway proceeds to make contact and organise an initial conference. This is when the Investment Gateway is introduced (purpose and characteristics), and when the associate presents their services and infrastructure, including unique selling proposition, capabilities, business attitude and customer service philosophy. In a sense, Investment Gateway surveys the associate to make sure they fit the required profile and the associate surveys the platform to verify interests in an affiliation. Of course multiple meetings must take place before all areas are covered and before a mutual agreement is reached. Indeed, it is a mutual understanding as it is not only Investment Gateway that approves the associate, but the associate that must approve the platform. The main thing to point out is that a lot of time and effort is put into forming partnerships. Hence, it is this long history of dealings in the local market that positions Investment Gateway as a unique platform, having already done comprehensive research and ground work to benefit clients.
Multiple meetings & in-depth discussions on possible partnership
Maintain & monitor Cyprus market
The other main advantage of Investment Gateway is that it is based and present in Cyprus. This allows the platform to regularly monitor market and industry intelligence, such as economic and financial data and statistics, changes in law and other government related, infrastructure developments, as well as other significant news. This immediate, local and accurate access to knowledge then relates back to existing and prospective client, via e-mail alerts and newsletters, as well as by promptly updating the online platform. At the same time, Investment Gateway maintains relations with all associates, regularly updated with their own specific news, as well as monitoring their performance and service delivery, i.e. making sure standards are met.
On-going partner contact, negotiations & information updates
Easy, Efficient and Secure

The Investment Gateway partner programme is a simple yet effective professional affiliation model, mutually beneficial to all parties involved, i.e. prospective companies/individuals seeking investment and professional services, associates, as well as the Investment Gateway platform.

Investment Gateway conducts all initial ground work, research and negotiations to form affiliations with Cyprus' leading professional services suppliers. Finding an associate in Cyprus might seem simple, when considering that they all provide a similar service and all are actively looking for clients. However, this is exactly why it more complicated; in a congested and complicated market. How do you really differentiate the many associates – the premium from the just good – and how do you really know who is best suited for your needs? No doubt, trust is integral in this line of business, as are notions of customer service, promptness, local and international networks, as well as overall professional service.

First of all, Investment Gateway is armed with extensive market knowledge, having the luxury of time and place to properly source the right associates in Cyprus and form solid ongoing professional partnerships. Then, Investment Gateway has a stringent selection process, where potential associates must meet certain criteria. Finally, Investment Gateway is completely neutral in its partner selection process and affiliations, always striving to offer clients the right solution. This all means clients are introduced to market leaders in the most professional and best possible way.

Become a Partner

Is your firm a potential associate?

Contact Investment Gateway's partner programme to discuss possibilities of joining the network.

Associate Selection Criteria

Credibility of the Investment Gateway platform and its introductory service rests on how associates ultimately deliver to referred clients. Thus, it is fundamental that Investment Gateway chooses associates with the utmost scrutiny, whilst regularly monitoring their level of customer- and professional service delivery. Indeed, this platform's unique feature is that it puts clients into contact with the right and best associates in Cyprus, making everything easier and more efficient. Key associate selection criteria thoroughly evaluated include:

    Customer Service Orientated
  • Reputation, credibility, reliability
    These are probably the three most important words in not just the professional services sector, but in every business activity. They ensure associates deliver a premium service to clients, and that clients will be completely satisfied. In doing so, clients will remain loyal and continue to use their services and continue to choose Cyprus as their corporate financial centre. As such, Investment Gateway thoroughly investigates associates and verifies their ability to meet these standards – together with ongoing contact and monitoring for making sure standards are maintained and even progress.

    These three assurance words are especially prominent in a jurisdiction such as Cyprus for two key reasons. Firstly, business culture in Cyprus is a melting pot hub of three continents: Europe, Middle East-Asia and Africa. Although professional and rewarding, dealing within a Cypriot business culture is also distinct and can be challenging. Notions of credibility and reliability are crucial in making sure you are working with the right associate. Secondly, Cyprus is a relatively small country, very much revolving around a close-knit community and where word-of-mouth travels quickly. Being based in Cyprus allows Investment Gateway to stay in tune with this honest system of reputation.
  • Feedback: testimonials & case studies
    There is not better way to make sure Investment Gateway's associates are delivering quality professional service than with client testimonials and case studies (real feedback). Testimonials and case studies are real life scenarios from existing clients.

    These references also help exemplify the platform's effectiveness and instill a level of confidence and trust in the free service. Testimonials and case studies provide credibility and reliability, in turn new business and repeat business. Investment Gateway encourages both clients and associates to provide regular feedback, via the platform's account management team and together with random client satisfaction surveys and follow-ups.
  • Professionalism; modern & traditional
    Professionalism is what the Investment Gateway always strives to achieve, and what aims to separate this platform from many other service providers in Cyprus and abroad. From added-value and up-to-date content and material available free online, to prompt, proper and honest response rates. Our internationally experienced consulting team completely understands global business culture, well versed in English-speaking markets, and now a dedicated team to emerging markets Russia, CIS, China and India.

    In order to achieve utmost professionalism, associates must deliver an unbeatable service. They are the ultimate service providers and end line of communication. Thus, Investment Gateway must be selective in which associates to partner with and which to introduce to clients. Professionalism is a vital criteria, that begins from the initial research in finding the associate, i.e. clients website, presence and marketing, then to the first contact and presentation (including negotiations and onsite inspections), through to ongoing contact and feedback. Traditional professionalism with modern approach can not be beaten.
    Fixed Capabilities
  • Local market experience
    Although somewhat obvious, all associates must have a base in Cyprus, together with widespread local market experience. Of course this does not necessarily mean that the firm itself must have many years of incorporation, but that they are well versed in the Cyprus legal, tax, accounting and consulting sphere. This local market experience is then the foundation of all other criteria.

    Investment Gateway seeks partnerships with associates that have extensive experience in Cyprus, but also encourages newer and younger firms, especially those that show a proactive and modern way of thinking, able to implement interesting and creative approaches.
  • Global reach & network
    In order to offer a comprehensive financial solution to clients, associates joining the Investment Gateway platform must have an existing network that spans outside Cyprus, especially to other well known financial centres and offshore jurisdictions. Some have their own offices abroad, whilst others an affiliation. Either way, it is this channel of distribution and reach that offers a true global professional service, for tax efficiency, international banking and international investment strategies.

    Investment Gateway partners and deals with a firm's office in Cyprus, who in turn utilises their global network for support and extending various services. Also, different associates specialise in a different part of the world, hence why some are better suited to certain clients.
  • Extenisve industry infrastructure
    Ample industry infrastructure is absolutely essential in providing all-inclusive professional services and in quality of output/solution. Certainly Cyprus is well known for having excellent infrastructure in the professional service sector, supported by the many well set up legal and accounting firms. However, there are also those that somewhat lag behind and do not meet the necessary standards in such a globalised and competitive environment. Thus, Investment Gateway filters the pool of associates, picking-and-choosing only those that are suitable.

    First and foremost, associates must have access to all divisions of professional services, including legal, accounting and consulting. Then, what is mostly scrutinised among the prospective associates is human resource infrastructure and industry-related tools, such as client office services (physical and virtual), secretarial services, and state-of-the-art technology, i.e. conference and telecommunication facilities.
"The true difference is that these associates provide a highly personalised and ad-hoc professional services. This makes all the differences in client service and end solution delivery."