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Cyprus International Business Company (IBC) formation (investment)

Advantages & opportunities to investing offshore via Cyprus (EU):

The financial and professional services sector in Cyprus heavily revolves around the formation of international business companies (IBC), otherwise known as setting up or registering an entity or company. When 100% foreign-owned, a company formations in Cyprus was once referred to as an "offshore company". However, the expression International Business Company or Holding Company is preferred nowadays, due to the vagueness of the term 'offshore', plus the fact that all companies in Cyprus are now technically onshore.

Indeed, there are many benefits to a Cypriot registered company, such as with tax planning, international banking offshore, investments to the region and growth, as well as general business activities. Cyprus also has a very stable economy and political environment, together with excellent sector infrastructure. These key pros drive foreign interests in a Cypriot IBC set up and in many ways sustain the Cypriot economy – a Cypriot registered company is compelled to use local professional services, upon formation, as well as ongoing company maintenance.
All Cyprus based companies must maintain standard bookkeeping and records:
  • Incoming and outgoing sums of money
  • Business activity in the form of sales and purchases
  • Company assets and liabilities
Each year, Cypriot companies must also produce:
  • Financial statements
  • Audit of financial statements by a local practising accountant/agent. These financial statements are then submitted to the Department of Inland Revenue and the Registrar of Companies
  • Annual return, including annual general meeting and lodging with the Registrar of Companies

A Cyprus company formation is an excellent, tax-efficient way to conduct legitimate international business, conforming to EU directives and on the OECD's white list of jurisdictions which have substantially implemented the internationally-agreed standards for tax cooperation. Cyprus is also an ideal location to set up a company for investment to the EU, Europe, Russia and CIS, Middle East and Africa. Little wonder why Cyprus has become one of the most attractive locations for Limited and holding companies in the Europe (EU/EEA) and in fact throughout the world.

Types of company formations in Cyprus:
  • Cyprus Resident Company
  • Cyprus Non-Resident Company (Investment)
  • Cyprus Holding Company and Investment Company
  • Cyprus Real Estate Company
  • Cyprus Banking and Finance Company
  • Trading and Re-Invoicing Company
  • Trading in Securities Company
  • Royalty Company
  • Employment Company
  • Cyprus Consulting and Rendering Company
  • Cyprus Investment Shipping Company
  • Art and Intellectual Property Company
  • Private Funds

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Advantages & opportunities to investing offshore via Cyprus (EU):
Cyprus: EU, Eurozone & Commonwealth | Ideal Geographical location for investment services | Geopolitical stability & business friendly Government | Macroeconomic resilience & growth | Well developed infrastructure for investment services | Restructured Cypriot banking sector | Most favourable tax planning system in the EU | Cyprus International Business Company (IBC)