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Investment Hub

Why set up a company offshore. Investing in EMEA region
Expanding business investment – abroad and away from your initial area of operations – is a strategic decision for growth and economic development, by creating a bridge to tapping new markets, as well as establishing greater operational efficiency (such as via tax savings) and competitiveness.

Why set up a company/entity in Cyprus. Investment hub
Lowest EU tax rate and lowest non-investment tax jurisdiction in the world. No withholding tax on dividends; no tax on profits abroad; numerous group relief benefits. Together with a large network of double tax treaties, Cyprus is a credible investment platform.

Cyprus Company Websites

  • Full web design & development for your internation business company in Cyprus.
    A new website is essential for a company or IBC registered in Cyprus. It brings substance to the company, therefore meeting legal compliance requirements, whilst also supporting expansion and achieving better market potential. Indeed, Investment Gateway's web design and development division manages to achieve optimal results for clients, from basic to comprehensive template structures, full or part copywriting (website content), optional functional back-end technology, as well as successfully implementing Internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, i.e. generating greater web presence and company exposure.

    Website development at Investment Gateway comes in three tiers, including basic, combined and custom complete – professionally-made websites to suit all types of clients and requirements. Read more about investment website design and development, click here.

    Bring substance to your Cypriot based company whilst achieving better market potential with a professionally made website by Investment Gateway. Website development comes in three tiers: basic, combined and content complete. Includes design/development, functionalities and CMS, as well as full content copywriting, translation, and SEO.

  • Website domain names and website hosting via Investment Gateway's platform.
    A domain name and hosting service is of course necessary with every website – this is what gives your website an address (URL) and what puts the site "online". As part of a complete web solution, Investment Gateway and associates provide registered company clients with both these services. Domain names and hosting can be purchased from Investment Gateway whether clients have existing websites or require a new website.

    Website domain names and hosting via Investment Gateway is a secure, reliable and very competitive option – in fact one of the lowest price in all of Cyprus and quite competitive worldwide. It also comes with Investment Gateway's technical service of uploading the website and on-going support/maintenance.

    Domain names and website hosting can be registered under any name, including the Cypriot International Business Company's detail, the company's nominee/s, or under no name and only to Investment Gateway bilk hosting service. The website will still be online and therefore comply with company formation requirements in Cyprus, yet also offer complete online anonymity.

    Read more about investment website domains and hosting, click here.

    As part of a complete professional service, Investment Gateway can provide clients or associates with domain names and investment website hosting via a reliable, secure and competitive server service. Your Cyprus company obtains a unique URL address and is live on the Internet; either under your company's name or the nominee (agent).

Expert's Advice

George Antoniou, Managing Director"Thousands upon thousands of global companies can not be so wrong when they choose Cyprus as the location to set up their company, as well as manage their tax and banking."

Dean Evans, International Development & Relations"The cheapest (seemingly) service online is not always the best option. Consider other factors when choosing your professional services supplier. And, it's always better to speak to a supplier first."

Message from Cyprus Government

The Government is firmly commitment towards safeguarding and enhancing the competitiveness of Cyprus as a cost-effective platform for international business operations and a gateway for cross-border investment cooperation across Europe and the Middle East. Our vision is to continue building on the strengths of our leading knowledge-based and export-oriented service industries. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

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