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Publications & documents on Cyprus & the European Union

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Goods trade with ASEAN countries rebounds from 2009 to 2010September 2011Europe & International
International reserves in CEE8 - lessons from financial crisisSeptember 2011Europe & International
GDP in USD current prices and PPPsSeptember 2011Europe & International
Monthly economic indicators bulletin JAN AUG 2011 CyprusSeptember 2011Cyprus
Cyprus annual economic indicators Sept 2011September 2011Cyprus
14 percent 2008 funding of education in EU from private sourcesSeptember 2011Europe & International
EU harmonised indices of consumer prices August 2011September 2011Europe & International
Maritime service areas in the European UnionAugust 2011Europe & International
Euro area external trade surplusAugust 2011Europe & International
Almost complete recovery for EU27 trade in 2010August 2011Europe & International
EU Agricultural income rose by 12.6 percent in 2010August 2011Europe & International
Basic figures on the EU third quarter 2011August 2011Europe & International
Effect of economic crisis on government revenue & expenditureAugust 2011Europe & International
EU trade in goods with Commonwealth of Independent States 2000-20August 2011Europe & International
FDI: outward and inward stocksAugust 2011Europe & International
Intra Extra Cyprus-EU Trade StatisticsAugust 2011Cyprus
Population grows in twenty EU Member StatesJuly 2011Europe & International
Industrial output in the EU and euro areaJuly 2011Europe & International
Business services recent economic developmentsJuly 2011Europe & International
Monthly Economic Indicators JUL-DEC 2010 CyprusJuly 2011Cyprus