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In some cases, fraudulent emails might claim to represent Investment Gateway and offer certain benefits. does not send any such emails to request information. This website's service is purely informative, and to help direct interested parties to professional corporate services via third party consultants in Cyprus and the European Union.

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Investment Gateway provides initial direction to establishing a base in Cyprus for investments to the EU & EMEA region, including professional services in company formations, global tax structures, financial management & international banking. Free Initial Consultation. Free quote

IDEAL STARTING POINT-OF-CONTACT is based in Cyprus, with time to thoroughly research & investigate leading service suppliers. Independent & impartial, efficient & added-value approach. Read more


Cyprus has become the most popular investment platform to the EMEA region. Credibility, excellent infrastructure, operational efficiency, ideal geographical location, among other. Learn more


Lowest corporate tax rate in European Union (12.5%); Lowest non-investment tax jurisdiction in the world. No withholding tax, No tax on dividends, capital gains or investments in other companies. Cyprus Tax


What does 'offshore' truly mean and then how does this position Cyprus as an onshore location and ideal gateway for investing in the EU and EMEA region. Read here

Gateway to Services

Investment-Gateway: Independent & Impartial source to services
Investment Gateway is an independent and impartial point-of-contact for professional services via Cyprus-EU, namely with regards to setting up a company formation outside or 'offshore' from your original home country of operations, company administration and maintenance services, global tax planning solutions, accounting, auditing, wealth management, as well as offshore international banking.

Investment Gateway provides initial information on the sector and what solutions are available. When ready, introduces you to an agency from a pool of pre-qualified options in Cyprus who can provide more in-depth and highly personalised consultation, as well as the end service.

Investment Gateway has the advantage of time and presence in the local Cyprus market to pre-determine suitable agencies, thoroughly researching and successfully establishing partnerships, together with on-going correspondence. This positions Investment Gateway as an ideal starting point-of-contact for personalised professional services in Cyprus and the European Union. The platform and introduction service is completely free-of-charge.

Investment Gateway works with local accounting, legal and consulting agencies in Cyprus and Europe to provide professional services and business solutions for companies and individuals, including: Cyprus company formations, Cypriot ready shelf companies, Accounting, audit & tax planning, offshore international banking, Administration & Maintenance, corporate business websites, as well as Website domains & hosting.

Investment business activities: how do you choose who's right?
There are so many agents available (in Cyprus and around the world in different offshore jurisdictions), that selecting who to work with can be quite daunting and very time consuming. You just don't know who is right for your company: who to trust; who will offer most value; who will offer added-value; professional on-going support. With such important and highly sensitive business activities, working with the right agent is imperative. Investment Gateway makes the entire process easier and more efficient, helping you select the right partner for professional services; company formations, global tax planning, international banking and financial consulting.

Our agents are professional and highly personalised
The main advantage is that these agencies are local and ready, always striving to provide both a professional and highly personalised service – and we know this matters most. They are established in the local market to be able to provide the right end solution, and have the drive to do so in a fully bespoke manner. No doubt, each client and each situation differs, therefore the approach must be ad-hoc.

Primary benefits of the Investment Gateway platform:
  • Investment Gateway is an independent and neutral source
  • Investment Gateway has the advantage of time to properly investigate which agents are best
  • Investment Gateway is local in the market, based in Cyprus and the EU
  • Investment Gateway has existing contacts and partners (private and government), established by thoroughly investigating, pre-negotiating and monitoring
  • Investment Gateway does not charge the client

Summary to Investment-Gateway Professional Services

Investment Gateway represents your corporate or individual interests by providing initial information and direction on professional services via Cyprus-EU, then introducing you to a partner agent that ensures you receive the right, highly personalised service, and at the best possible price. This introduction to professional services via Cyprus-EU is FREE-OF-CHARGE.
Professional services platform. Initial advice, direction & introduction to company formations, tax planning & banking via Cyprus-EU
Professional Services Channel & Investment Support Tool in Cyprus
Simple methodology: Investment Gateway is based in Cyprus and has already established relationships with various leading service suppliers, as well as in government for information and added-value content.

Partnerships with agencies in Cyprus have been pre-qualified and set-up in order to provide a highly personalised solution for professional services outside your home country, i.e. offshore. This includes services such as financial consulting, company formations and corporate structures, global tax planning, wealth management, and international banking.

At the same time, Investment Gateway is local, thus in the right position to constantly monitor the situation – industry, market and suppliers – and update partnerships and information accordingly.

Essentially, Investment Gateway is one initial point-of-contact offering you multiple options from reliable and leading suppliers for such professional services in Cyprus-EU.

Investment Gateway has the advantage of time and local presence in Cyprus and the European Union to thoroughly research and successfully establish these partnerships, with in-depth research, multiple meetings and on-going correspondence. Thus, Investment Gateway is an ideal starting point-of-contact, saving you time, complexity and resources – an efficient information source and support tool. The added-value platform and introduction service is completely free-of-charge.

Professionalism and Personalised Customer Service: Primary objective of Investment Gateway is to offer initial information about the professional services sector in Cyprus-EU, and then when ready, introduce you to an local agency that will be able to provide an unbeatable service that matches and exceeds requirements. This is done so through professionalism and personalisation.

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Established partnerships to represent your best interests locally in Cyprus & EU; monitoring progress & support
Supporting Decisions. Information Source for Companies & Individuals
In addition to professional intermediary service, acts as an information portal, offering companies and individuals direction and advice on professional services investment, such as in company formations in Cyprus or other jurisdictions, global tax planning, wealth management, and international banking. This includes static content that explains the sector and how it all works, as well as dynamic added-value content such as news, reviews, documents, data and other added-value material. In doing so, becomes a comprehensive forum and exchange on professional services, as well as a gateway for linking potential companies and individuals around the world to existing leading agent suppliers in Cyprus and the EU.

Investment Content: offers added-value content and material, including news, articles, reviews, interviews, publications and documents, economic data and statistics, market analytics, as well as strategic direction from industry experts in Cyprus, EU and global sector.

Dynamic Information: Content on is updated regularly, including contributions from industry experts in the professional services field in Cyprus, as well as from leading information partner sources in both Cyprus and the EU. This includes information relating to the macro economy, company law, taxation, accounting, banking, finance and investments.

Cyprus & EU Data Sources: Key macro economic and finance statistics come direct from government sources, including the Cyprus Statistical Service, Cyprus Press and Information Office, Central Bank of Cyprus, and Cyprus Ministry of Finance. In Europe sources include Eurostat and the European Central Bank (ECB). collects and feeds through information required to illustrate the macro economy picture and investment situation in Cyprus and European Union.

Purpose of added-value content on
  • Better informed about the Cypriot economy and investment activities in Cyprus and EU
  • Updated with latest economic and geopolitical developments in Cyprus and EU
  • Sustain authority in the market (and online) by being your first choice of action, and
  • Encourage investment to Cyprus, by clearly explaining why it is the ideal jurisdiction for global investment activities and the right bridge to investments to the EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa
Visit Investment Gateway's key added-value areas:
Globality: Cyprus. An ideal investment position
Benchmark and compare why Cyprus offers an ideal, practicable & credible location for offshore professional services, such as setting up a company formation, global tax planning solutions and international banking.

Documents: – added-value content
Publications and documents from various leading key sources and industry professionals in the economic, investment and professional services sector; Cyprus, EU and global.

Analytics: Macro market statistics
Follow key macro economic statistics & trends on Cyprus & the EU to aid in professional services & investment decisions.
Added-value content on sector & economic activities in Cyprus, EU & worldwide – news, reviews, reports
Professional Services

Invest via Cyprus:

"Cyprus is not a tax haven and not considered to be an offshore jurisdiction. All company formations and entities incorporated in Cyprus are considered onshore. This enhances Cyprus' position as a credible platform for investments, tax planning and international banking. An ideal investment gateway. Read more."

Did you Know?

Investment Gateway donates affiliate proceeds from partner agents towards taking action on global climate change.

ONLY if you choose, this can then be attributed to your company, boosting image, credibility and exposure around the world - "substance".



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