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Which type of company formation are your interested in registering in Cyprus or other jurisdiction?
Remember, the agent will work with you to select the most suitable type of company formation in Cyprus as part of an overall solution (or in any other jurisdiction).

With relation to your Cyprus company formation, what additional professional services might you require a quotation for (multiple service options may be selected):

Nominee services. Professional nominee services for company director/s and/or shareholders, together with notarised and apostille corporate documents   Yes
Bank account. Assistance with opening an international bank account/s offshore (corporate and/or personal bank accounts) in Cyprus or another jurisdiction   Yes
Tax planning. Corporate tax planning solution, including bookkeeping, accountancy and certified auditing services in Cyprus   Yes
Company administration. Aspects of company administration & maintenance i.e. secretarial services, call answering & forwarding, mail forwarding, company minutes, and banking, etc   Yes
Office space. Physical or Virtual office space; in Cyprus or another prominent location (credible financial centre around the world)   Yes
Company website. Company website design & development and/or website domain name and website hosting for greater marketing and exposure, as well as company substance   Yes
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Investment Gateway Online Enquiry

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Briefly explain your current or intended business trading and/or investment structure, including nature of business, geographic presence and estimation of turnover. This information will help with providing a more accurate quotation and one from the most appropriate Investment Gateway associate. Please remember, a certain amount of compulsory due diligence will also need to be conducted later by the agent.

Please outline the level of anonymity Vs active substance you wish to maintain with the company or entity. Drag the button along the line.

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Investment Gateway Online Enquiry

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The following information is required in order to process your enquiry. None of this detail will be revealed to agents until you have selected the quote you are interest in. Quotations are always initially anonymous.

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Professional Service Enquiry

Enquiries are derived from a pool of pre-qualified leading agents based in Cyprus but also service all other jurisdictions. To request an immediate quotation or for further information about any professional service – company formation, global tax planning, international banking offshore and/or other service – please complete the online quotation form with as much detail as possible, i.e. the more detailed the easier it is for us to understand your request and more accurately refer you on. Investment Gateway will carefully review your request and then direct you to the most suitable associate. You will then receive a response with some initial advice and information about your options, as well as a starting quotation. Remember, quotations apply to both Cyprus based professional services, as well as for all other global investment jurisdictions. The selected agent will work with you directly to advise exactly which jurisdiction/s is best suited to your particular purpose within a complete global solution.
The difference between purchasing a company directly online and an online quotation. Read more.
Apparently some company formation and professional service websites offer direct online purchases, mainly with regards to packages with forming an international company or ready-made shelf company – then subsequent professional services (some of which are always compulsory) are charged as per required. Seemingly, this might offer an immediate solution –for the moment type businesses transactions – and in fact might be what you are seeking.

However in this industry, the entire company formation, international banking and tax planning process can not be entirely completed via an online purchase. That's a fact. There are many factors to be considered that will undoubtedly require interaction with a supplier (agent), as well as with various government departments. Indeed, dealing with agents directly is more secure, personalised, professional and credible, meeting crucial due diligence for legitimacy and validity.

As such, Investment Gateway positions to be a distribution channel for customised solutions, unique to specific circumstance and where a real point-of-contact is integral to the entire company formation and professional service. Investment Gateway is one initial point-of-contact contact with multiple options; multiple quotations in price and services form leading agents in Cyprus. Following the applicant's selection, Investment Gateway makes the introduction to the agent and the process begins. All associates are professional, certified and have extensive experience. Investment Gateway made sure of this by taking the time to prepare, visit and meet each agent in Cyprus before signing up.

Confidentiality & Privacy, please note: By completing the online quotation form you consent to Investment Gateway introducing you to the most suitable agent, by referring on your request exactly as provided. All agents affiliated to Investment Gateway are certified by government in each jurisdiction and always practice utmost confidentiality and privacy with clients and prospective clients.