Precise and personalised approach
In some cases, fraudulent emails might claim to represent Investment Gateway and offer certain benefits. does not send any such emails to request information. This website's service is purely informative, and to help direct interested parties to professional corporate services via third party consultants in Cyprus and the European Union.

Be aware. Ignore such emails and do not reply.

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Principles & Standards is a niche online platform and forum of information exchange for professional services via Cyprus and the European Union. Investment Gateway is an online source for initial information about the sector, and where required, goes a step further by being able to introduces you - international companies, organisations and individuals - to associates in Cyprus for conducting professional services; investment and international business activities. This is both immediate and free-of-charge.

Core activities these associates offer are in legal, accounting, taxation planning and consulting management. In doing so, Investment Gateway's associates support business to the EMEA region - via Cyprus and the EU. Indeed, Cyprus is an ideal platform for such activities, and is fast becoming the preferred centre in the region.

Investment Gateway aims to be the initial point-of-contact that is able to promptly introduce to Cyprus-based professional service providers. Together, offering depth in service, experience and a highly personalised service.

  • Understanding your business culture
    Investment Gateway's associate service providers have extensive experience in professional services; accounting, legal, taxation planning, and consulting-based management. They are established in Cyprus, working with clients throughout the island, the EU, and internationally. At the same time, maintaining industry networks in many premier international locations, thus able to offer a complete end-to-end solution.

    Above all, understanding the nature of professional services and general business investment activities in today's environment, allows associates to offer precise initial (and no obligation) guidance, as well as optimal end solutions and planning.
  • Added-value online content is an online platform, offering initial information, and able to introduce international companies, organisations and individuals to the associate partners in Cyprus that provides professional services.

    This website acts as a hub, providing dynamic content and research material on the macro economical environment in Cyprus and the EU, investment news, and information on the professional service sector. Information on is integrated via three key channels:
    1.  Investment-Gateway's own team of industry experts, with regular contributions on the macro economy in Cyprus and the EU, investment sector, finance and banking. This information is generated exclusively for, but also available to third party websites via RSS feeds. This includes news, reviews, and publications.
    2.  Consolidated news and information direct from recognised and credible sources, such as the European Commission, European Central Bank, and the Cyprus Press and Information Office.
    3.  Business associates feeding through news and updates, blogs, and reviews on industry-related areas.
    4.  Raw data and statistics, together with graphs and tables direct from sources in Cyprus and on a European level, such as Eurostat.
  • Eco values & contributions
    Investment Gateway has adopted an environmentally friendly business philosophy, encouraging companies and associates to donate towards off-setting general global carbon emissions via globally leading carbon neutral partner Climate Friendly.

    These proceeds help fund environmentally sustainable projects throughout the word, especially in fast-developing regions, such as India, China, Latin America and Africa, but also elsewhere. Integrating a solution that allows for this, allows companies to act more responsibility, and benefit from a better world, and better reputation.

    Professional business services in Cyprus with a truly worthwhile global cause. Read more about the Investment Gateway eco friendly initiative, click here.
  • Independent & impartial is independent and impartial, with separate associates that provide expert consultation and delivery of professional services; always personalised and dedicated services.

    This was the founding principle of Investment Gateway - to develop a comprehensive online platform and portal that offers initial information, but that can also connect you with service providers. By remaining independent and impartial, Investment Gateway can better choose and monitor associates, making sure key criteria of professionalism, customer service and client satisfaction are always met, as well as ensuring honest competitiveness in business solutions.

    At the same time, always open and seeking new associates in Cyprus and abroad, continually building a larger pool of respected, and trusted business associates.
  • Respect strict confidentiality
    Investment Gateway understands that confidentiality is always a vital prerequisite for clients. Investment Gateway does not even get involved with specific investment activities, but only introduces you to the right contact and then steps back. Only if you agree do we further promote your company's good name via our eco-friendly investment initiative. And even then, it is only the registered company name that is recognised for their contribution.

    Associate service-providers also always adopt a strict confidentiality policy in operations and dealings in their services. At the same time, carrying out thorough due diligence in strict confidence.
  • Honesty & integrity
    Two very important words in modern international business and the foundations of the Investment Gateway platform. Together, these words produce complete "trust" in Investment Gateway. Investment Gateway ensures honesty and integrity in its global practice and that of its associates - the platform exists precisely for this reason - to comfort prospective companies, organisations and individuals that investing in Cyprus is the right move, and that Investment Gateway is the right starting-point-of-contact.

Invest With Confidence

Our Credibility ensures new investment businessAs an introducer, Investment Gateway must obtain & maintain credibility to attract new business - brand awareness & trust, integrity, authority. Achieved via credible investment associates, government & of course existing client testimonials.

Our Reliability ensures repeat business for allMaking sure clients and partners are satisfied is fundamental to maintaining & attracting new business via positive referrals & testimonials - customer service, professionalism, efficiency. Understanding clients & their business culture; imperative to professional work.

"The difference is that our associates offer a highly personalised & ad-hoc professional service. For many clients, this has been the most important element."

Investment Gateway Team

Our Advantages

Specialised, experienced and meeting client targets

The Investment-Gateway team comprises of two key units, which together bring a wealth of industry international and Cyprus-based experience, qualifications, talent and creativity.

Firstly, a core group, handling all internal platform infrastructure development and service management, associate relations, some client interactions, as well as information technology. This unit is then supported by individual content contributors - leading industry professionals in Cyprus and Europe - producing added-value information, news, reviews, publication & sector counselling. Together, they maintain the platform and its information exchange; in terms of added-value content and professional support.

Team structure
Independent & impartial hub for investment activities in Cyprus & EU

Investment Gateway has been specifically created to act as a source of information and introducer only, thus independent and impartial to professional services, business, and investment activities via Cyprus. Investment Gateway can introduce you to associate industry professionals in Cyprus that provide initial guidance and end solutions. This positions Investment Gateway as the ideal starting point-of-contact; information source and springboard for professional services in Cyprus and the EU.

Investment Gateway is based in Cyprus and has already had ample time to thoroughly investigate (visit, meet and maintain regular interaction) with service associates. Thus, has already done the initial groundwork/research to point you in the right direction.

Independent & impartial hub for investment activities in Cyprus & EU; competitive advantage

Investment Gateway is a dynamic no-charge portal, providing added value content in industry specific news, reviews, reports and trend data. However, it also has a real purpose, by introducing clients to leading agents in Cyprus for professional services and investments to the EMEA region, as well as integrated solutions with other popular investment jurisdictions around the world. This includes setting up a company or companies in Cyprus (Private and Public Limited Liability; resident and on-resident), global accounting-auditing-tax planning solutions, company administration and maintenance, and banking offshore with a Cyprus based international bank.

Investment Gateway has already had the time to conduct in-depth investigations (visit, meet and monitor) which agents in the market are the best to work with for such professional services. Thus, Investment Gateway has already done your initial research and is justifiably positioned as an ideal starting point-of-contact.

Advantages to using

Investment Services & Solutions

Dynamic Investment Portal

Locally based in Cyprus and EU: in depth knowledge and understanding of market mechanics, whilst also able to monitor, chase and provide follow up services on client's behalf (if required and if requested).

Globality: live benchmark analysis to why Cyprus offers you the best investment solution, with news and feeds from government and international sources. Indeed, advantages to investing in Cyprus are unrivalled.

Industry professionals: affiliated to a diverse range of industry professionals (service industry), who can offer direction and advice; in accounting-tax-auditing, legal, company formation and maintenance, banking, finance, business research, consulting, wealth management and online.

Documents: up-to-date news, reviews, blogs, reports and publications from industry experts and associates on global investment sector as well as the Cyprus market. Each feeding exclusively, helping to better inform the market.

Customised support: each situation is unique and ranges from basic to complex. Investment Gateway filters your exact requirements and provides an optimal solution with the right partner. Quite simply because it has the most options.

Analytics: up-to-date data and statistics on macro market economy and investment environment - Cyprus and EU - supporting important decisions. These are direct from the right sources in Cyprus and the Europe Union.

Fair: independent and impartial introducer to investment activities in Cyprus and EU. Investment Gateway is a hub for meeting the right agent for your activities. More options, more support.

Partners: review of Investment Gateway's partnership programme and extensive network, together with information on how new agent partners can join the synergy and expand.

PR & Marketing: as part of Investment Gateway's added-value service, you can boost corporate credibility and image via eco initiatives and related communications, such as press releases, media coverage and third party websites.

Climate Friendly: Investment Gateway's eco-friendly initiative, including information on carbon off-set projects around the world, as well as which clients are supporting/contributing to this Green Investment activity.